Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Curtain Falls?

The End

Long silence on this end. Partially due to the pressures of life. Partially due to the fact that all the things we've discussed for years here at FutureJacked are coming to life. All this planning is no longer an academic exercise.

Let's take a look over the landscape.

The Kingdom

What's been our Rule #1 for most of 2016? That's right, look to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the bellwether for what is to come.

SASEIDX for 18 October 2016 via Bloomberg
Here are a selection of stories worth your time if you have not already seen them:
I won't even go into the war in Yemen as it is a bloody mess of conflicting interests and disinformation. Just know that the Saudis have a real fight on their hands and the Iranians are happy to keep them focused on the Houthis.

Before the Kingdom falls, you might make sure you have a plan in place for high gas prices or even shortages...


Here is another area rife with misinformation, lies, truth, anger, historical grievances, political pandering, and bullshit. I'll re-state a few things I've said in the past before moving ahead:
  • Putin is a bad man
  • The Russia of 2016 is not the Soviet Union of 1986
  • Russia has interests in having influence in territories close to its borders
  • Russia sees a value in pushing back on the globalist/banker/Anglo-US world system as it regards being plugged into that system as equivalent to allowing the West to loot her natural resources and keep her as a vassal state (my interpretation and pretty much what Russia was under Yeltsin)
  • The Russians have been able to change the calculus in Syria and Ukraine, so far without tipping it into a shooting war with the US, NATO, et al
  • Just because I can acknowledge that the Russian state sees itself as having legitimate interests in Ukraine, Syria, etc. (much as the US has interests in Canada, Mexico, and Cuba) does not mean I am a Russian apologist. I am looking at this from the point of view that the West seems to be talking itself into a war with Russia (and potentially China) and that in my opinion we are not ready for such a war (see the F-35 and the USS Ford)
In short, I do not buy the narrative being shoved down the throats of anyone who consumes US media - whether as part of the Presidential campaign or as part of coverage of foreign events. In my opinion, we are seeing the curtain call of not just the neo-liberal consensus in place since the 1980's, but the post-WWII architecture of the West. This set of realities seems to be driving the Western elites insane. And I am not kidding around. Look at not just the rhetoric, but the policy implementation, the corruption (not just the defense corruption - which is going to wind up killing a lot of US soldiers, sailors, and airmen - but the political corruption in which a certain Foundation stands as a shining example of pay-to-play and utter lawlessness). This is has the stench of an end-game about it.

If Russia thinks that President Clinton (v2.0) and the neo-cons who make up a big part of her foreign policy brain trust are staging to roll back the Bear in Ukraine, Syria, etc. then this could go from proxy war to hot war quickly.

For my review of Russian war planning policy as it relates to nuclear weapons, please re-read Nuclear Weapons and Social Mood. The idea of using a nuclear strike to "warn" an opponent to back off was looked at in the 1970's, with a general assumption that limited use will almost certainly evolve into a full-blown nuclear exchange. Just sayin'.

Why do I think this is something to actively worry about and prepare for? The Russians are deadly serious about this scenario. While it didn't get a lot of play here in the US, the Russians recently conducted a massive nuclear war drill including outreach to their citizens and education on how the government would operate in case of a nuclear war.

This possibility is likely enough that you should at least review your preparations.

The Election

I am without words about the election. HRC has found traction in the avalanche of accusations against the Donald. I think he's toast. Maybe I'm wrong. The grievances he's given voice to will still be with us, though, and HRC's contempt for the Deplorables will not be helpful in navigating this perilous time for the Republic.

I don't know what else to say, other than, as I was driving up I-75 near Atlanta (had a long road trip last week), I spotted a billboard rented by the League of the South. It simply stated "#secede". God save us from the Plantation thugs, but when social mood finally breaks, the whole project of the United States may "go South"...

Nuclear Emergencies

If you have not taken the time to do so, please review the Nuclear Strike of the Month series. These are a set of scenarios and thought experiments where we review what limited nuclear attacks might look like. If you think nuclear war - limited or otherwise - is a possibility, please take some time to do more than just worry about it.

From October 20th - 27th, I'm putting my e-book Nuclear Emergencies on sale. I'll see how quickly I can get this in hard copy via createspace, but until then, please read it - or something equivalent - and get ready.

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