Thursday, July 28, 2016

What Will You Do in Post-Coup America?

USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll 28 July 2016

On July 19, 2016, The Los Angeles Times, a highly credible and influential U.S. News organization, published the following Op-Ed by James Kirchik, entitled If Trump Wins, A Coup Isn't Impossible Here in the U.S. If you haven't, please take time to read it. There will be nothing new in it if you've been following the election via the twitter feeds and articles from America's formidable array of highly credentialed and well-regarded media establishment. It's not the content, but the framing I want to draw your attention to. You have a prominent media figure floating a trial balloon in the sort of "I'm not sayin', but I'm just sayin'..." style that you see when someone under intense stress is talking themselves into doing something very challenging and very life-altering. Imagine for a moment a major U.S. news organization publishing such a thing in 2008, positing such an event if Obama were to beat McCain...

Next, please dip your toe into the media circus that erupted after The Donald made the following statements during one of his many strolls he continues to make through the head-space of the Democratic National Convention and HRC's campaign - a palace in which he lives rent-free: "Russia, if you're listening,I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing; I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press."

This generated the kind of response The Donald planned on - an enormous firestorm of outrage and accusations Trump was a Putin's best buddy and all but on his payroll. It also kept the story about slipshod cyber-security practices on the part of HRC and the DNC out in front of the media, in the midst of the Democratic National Convention. The DNC is nothing if not predictable. HRC's campaign staff is nothing if not easily manipulated and continues to play a "me-too" reactive game with The Donald. And Trump is is nothing if not highly tactically skilled at pushing the right buttons to elicit a response.

Next came howls that Trump is being propelled by those who do not trust HRC and regard The Donald as the "lesser evil" or that plan to vote Third Party as a way of avoiding voting her in. Again, flat out wrong. Channeling John Michael Greer on this topic, I would say again, the elites are missing this one completely. The strength of Bernie Sanders should have shown them the real answer - we popped the seal on this whole back-and-forth of "lesser evils" that shaped elections from 1988 through 2012. Voters haven't been grudgingly deciding to vote for Trump or Bernie - they've been actively excited. They have visions that something new is possible or at least that they can burn this sucker to the ground and rebuild on the ashes. (Note - this is not me, as I huddle here in the corner of the basement at FutureJacked Headquarters, saying either vision would "work" or be better, I'm just saying both candidates in their own way have changed what voters see as possible.)

And then we have the stories which have followed the Russia-related comments that began to line up under the same conceptual banner - that Trump is a Russian-loving traitor and a next-generation Manchurian Candidate:
(As an aside, for those of you alive during the last decade or so of the Cold War, feast on this - vast swaths of major media outlets and credible journalists are accusing a Republican presidential candidate of being pro-Russkie and a Russian mole. May you live in interesting times indeed...)

These articles aren't being posted on These articles are on CNN, CNBC, the Washington Post, and other mainstays of the information establishment. Dwell on that a moment and then let's wonder if The Donald has been too clever by half. What if his insurgency and the rhetoric he is using to drive it has been too effective in freaking out the elites who oversee this enormous continent-spanning Potemkin Village they've built for us in the U.S. since the early 1980's? What if they begin to believe their own spin and the stories they've published since Trump began gutting Republican Primary hopefuls like deer and leaving their carcasses to drain on gibbets in front of a stunned American electorate? What if they actually believe this stuff they are publishing?

The Rubicon

So, I tell you all that to ask you this - what will you do when the Deep State removes Donald Trump after he is elected in November of 2016?

This is not me trolling. The readers of this blog know their media and their history. You can spot the shape of the coming events in the language they are using to prep the public's mind-space. Never forget - you are in the midst of a Mind War every day. You are bombarded by ads, propaganda, and a continual assault of symbols designed scientifically to get you to buy, to vote, to shun, to love, to cry, and to fight. Continue to watch the media signals as the elites melt down over the next few months. We live in a barking mad world where a narcissistic sociopath and a septuagenarian Commie drew impassioned votes and dared again to Hope for Change.

In response we are greeted with a consistent message that those people voting for Trump or Bernie are on the one hand (only and always) bigots, or on the other, stupid children who need to shut up and get with the program - the standard elite tactic of mockery and denigration of "the Other." We see the neo-con war machine lining up behind HRC. We see a vastly funded political campaign backed by the entire establishment structure - both Democrat and Republican - floundering against an insurgency.

When the Democrats decided to go flat-out Reaganesque "Morning in America" for their convention tone, they were done. If they are so blind to the pain and insecurity the system the elites have built over the last 35 years has inflicted on a significant fraction of the U.S. voting population that they not only ignore that pain and insecurity, but denigrate those very feelings as if they were invalid, then God himself can't help them now.

So, I ask again, what will you do when the Deep State removes Donald Trump after he is elected in November of 2016?


Fred said...

Hey Flagg,

I remember J. M Greer's other book that your recommended. Wondering if you would recommend this one:

Flagg707 said...

Hey Fred,

I can recommend Retrotopia. It is a different sort of book, but I enjoyed it. Not sure I 100% agreed with everything, but it is an interesting read. I've actually read it twice now, so there's much to ponder from it.

I do recommend it!

Fred said...

Thanks for the quick reply! I really really enjoyed his last book that I read "Twilights Last Gleaming" and this looked interesting as well. I ordered a used copy to read. I need to reread Twilight.

Do you have any other books along this line you would recommend? As having three personal post-apocalypses / paradigm shifts I find this literature interesting.

Again thanks for the recommendation!


Fred said...

I must say that John M. Greer scares the be-jesus out of me in a good way. I read Stars Reach and was bummed at it. As a scientific guy, it makes me look hard at what we have accomplished and think that maybe that is it. Why not? Science is the new god if you think....all knowing, can save anyone....hell read 3001. But maybe science isnt' this savior that it is limited and that scares me....I wish I could write a book about it because I argue this with people around...but the philosophy evades them. Maybe John is wrong but it is worth contemplating.

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