Monday, June 29, 2015

Look for the Channels

Vintage Beer Advert by Nick Greenaway

Let's throw a few items up on the threat map and see what July is about to bring us. Then let's take a few steps back and try to look at those same things in a different light.

Debt Bomb

Yes, Greece may finally take the plunge into default. Or maybe not. Even if they do, will the Powers That Be actually call it default, or allow the various financial derivatives tied to such an event to actually play out and pay out? We shall see.

And yes, Puerto Rico is also back in the news. Unpayable debts. Huh, imagine that.

And let's not forget the stories that occasionally poke their heads above the waves, like black stones ready to rip the hulls of unwary ships:
And then there are the billion other financial relationships, large and small, all dependent upon the greatest mountain of leverage and financial abstraction ever seen.

Syria, Iraq, Daesh, Yemen, and Libya get most of the headlines. We of course have Afghanistan, Pakistan-India on the board as well. China is pushing its way into the South China Sea and of course we have the bloody dance in Ukraine between the U.S. and Russia.

The Clown Show
And then there is the Clown Show - the Confederate Flag, Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage and the Affordable (sic) Care Act, the hours and days spent by millions on social media fixated on such topics and the ones which will follow, as night follows day.

Look for the Channels
There's much to comment on, but at this point, as we still teeter on the knife-edge, I don't see the point. Others far smarter than I can give you insight into these topics for hours on end.

But let's take a few steps back and look at the shapes forming before us. Socionomics may not be formally recognized or adopted by the various elites, but most have a tactical feel for many of the premises. And they work with the waves and forms explained by Socionomics to attempt to shape events.

What does that mean for us? Well, they know how to play to the polarization which runs rampant in negative mood regimes. They know how to channel the impulses of xenophobia and mistrust into war. They know tactically how to hijack the political system for their own gain. None of this is new, but I urge you to look towards the bigger picture. We are headed towards a reckoning that is potentially so vast as to have little historical precedent (in terms of the potential for such a sharp economic contraction). We here at FutureJacked are not going to be able to tell you how to invest your money. But sometimes investment returns become the least of your worries.

What are the themes we've seen pimped out the hardest in the U.S. and Western media?
  • NATO vs Russia in Ukraine, via proxies at the moment
  • Russia continuing to remind the West she has nuclear weapons. We've covered this a good bit here and will continue to do so.
  • Somehow U.S. foreign policy has become so inept, the rising power of the age, China, is aligned with a revitalized former enemy in Russia, and is at least modestly friendly with a regional power, Iran, which we are aligned against in the Middle East (except when we aren't when fighting Daesh).
  • The EU will continue to push for more centralization in the face of continuing economic malaise
  • Cash is on its way to being outlawed
  • Internet transactions and databases will become further compromised and the further we move from the era of trust and optimism in which the internet was birthed, the less and less useful it will become for ordinary users and the elites are fine with that. Keep consumers locked into a few corporate arcologies and call everyone else a criminal hacker
  • Private military contractors will continue their ascent and will be coming to a Western country near you soon
I'm still trying to get a coherent picture together. I suggest you attempt the same. The shape is what matters. And it is in the shape of the blowback that I have problems with. The elites are fully invested in the above efforts. They will to some degree be successful in managing the negative mood - but not completely. What happens when parts of their plan get unhinged?

The technocrats don't always win, even when that is the way to bet. When they win, we can expect more suffocating bureaucratic malaise. When they lose? Civil war? Pogroms? A better world?

There are times not to get caught up in the details. Step back a few paces and hopefully something new will snap into focus for you.