Friday, February 6, 2015

Odd and Ends

Here are a few items of note as we head into the weekend.


I continue to quietly freak out over the ongoing struggle in Ukraine. I regard the potential for NATO and Russia forces to end up in a direct shooting war as very real should the negative sentiment and lack of trust continue to build. 

US risks ‘colossal damage’ to relations if it arms Ukraine, Moscow warns

Dan McLaughlin, The Irish Times

Russia has warned the United States that arming Ukraine in its fight with Moscow-backed separatists would do “colossal damage” to already fractious relations between Washington and the Kremlin.

As German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Fran├žois Hollande revealed that they were travelling to Kiev and Moscow to discuss new peace proposals, Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said yesterday his country was “seriously concerned” by possible western weapons supplies to Ukraine.

“Without a doubt, if such a decision is realised, it will cause colossal damage to US-Russian relations, especially if the residents of Donbass [Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions] start to be killed by American weapons,” Mr Lukashevich said. “This would not only threaten to escalate the situation in the southeast of Ukraine, but threaten the security of Russia, whose territory has been repeatedly shelled from Ukraine.”

The combination of the building negative mood with Russia's perception of very real national security interests in Ukraine and the West's insistence on pulling Ukraine into the Western orbit is the kind of thing that can make for a lot of dead people and, more importantly (as we saw in the aftermath of World War I), big wars destroy assumptions and let loose all sorts of crazy ideas of governance, art, and acceptable behavior which prior to the war would have been dismissed as lunacy.

For those of us using the socionomics model to guesstimate what the future holds, the final call on whether the top in mood occurred in 2000 vs. 2015 matters quite a bit, as Alan Hall's research in the February 2012 issue of the Socionomist shows.

U.S. Jobs Figures and the Waning Credibility of the Elites

This short video from EWI gives you a nice snapshot of today's job figures announcement - and the continued disconnect between what is reported by the governing classes and what is directly experienced by the rest of us:

If you are reading this, the information is nothing new. I bring it to your attention only because, as the kleptocrats in Greece recently found out, when your credibility is gone, dramatic changes can occur at the ballot box. And if they are prevented from occurring at the ballot box...

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