Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Litvinenko Revisited

Litvinenko, before and after, Edward Latham
In January of 2007 I launched Futurejacked. The second post I ever wrote was entitled "A Curious Death" and had been written at the request of George Ure over at Urbansurvival. George had been advised that Livinenko's death might not have been the in-your-face mafia hit that was being postulated at the time, but as a result of Litvinenko himself dabbling in toxic material as part of his ties to Chechen groups.

Being a bit younger and bit more naive, I took up the challenge with some relish and constructed a narrative loudly hinting that Mr. Litvinenko and the Chechens were working with Polonium-210 in order to construct a trigger for a nuclear weapon, possibly for an old Soviet suitcase nuke that had somehow fallen into the hands of a rebel group.

I stand behind the science, but the scenario has pretty obviously turned out to be false. The Chechens never detonated a nuke and never lit off a Po-210 dirty bomb.

I am trotting out this mea culpa today only because the U.K. is finally releasing the results of its exhaustive inquiry into Mr. Litvinenko's poisoning. Tthe evidence overwhelmingly points to assassination by radiation poisoning.

I just wanted to formally set the record straight that while the narrative I investigated and proposed 8 years ago had some compelling aspects, it turned out to be wrong.

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