Monday, December 29, 2014

FutureJacked Reboot

reboot by Art-joy-living via

After a few years of dormancy, I have things in my professional and personal life squared away to the point where I can return to blogging. This comes at what I believe to be a key juncture in the markets, mood, and politics of the West.

While I had expected to abandon the FutureJacked platform for something new, upon review, I decided to keep it, warts and all. I may polish up the format a bit, but the content will remain.

The plan is to resume with the coming of the New Year. I expect to publish once or twice per week, looking to provide a deeper dive into events, using the lens of socionomics as the primary model through which we'll view events.

I also plan to provide more book and ebook reviews going forward.  There is quite a bit of solid thinking going on out there as we stumble forward into what waits for us. I hope to pick out various gems to polish up for your consideration.

We will continue to review the events of the day as well as conduct a little futurecasting.

Thanks to those of you who still check in on the blog. Interesting times await us.

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