Sunday, December 1, 2013

Last Call

FutureJacked has been dormant for over a year.  I've been occupied with life and work and frankly have had little to add than what you can find in the Socionomist, over on Mish's page, the Elliott Wave Theorist and other outstanding information sources.  I have looked back over the 1137 posts, been amazed by the over 140,000 page views, and all in all am pleased with the effort.  Though amateurish at times, this blog has helped me work through many aspects of the map I've been building to navigate increasingly treacherous terrain.  I continue to believe that we in the West are facing a full spectrum crisis and that the demographic, political, social, political, religious, and socionomic trends we are facing are not our friends.  I also continue to believe that those who are nimble, who can keep their heads while those about them are losing theirs, and who can keep lit the lamps of civility and reason during bouts of unreason and anger will sow the seeds for the next great wave upward in human achievement. 

That said, I have been turning my energies to other projects.  I will certainly return to writing in the future, but I believe it is time to pull down FutureJacked and regroup for the next effort.  If there have been any articles you have found useful over the years, please do feel free to archive them in some fashion.  I plan to delete the blog from Blogger before Christmas.

Many thanks to those of you who have followed this effort.  I hope our paths can connect in the years to come.