Friday, August 3, 2012

Mad As Hell...

Those of us using Socionomics as a model to see what the future holds perked up a bit at this news story:

Vt. Man Accused of Crushing 7 Cop Cars With Tractor Due in Court
A Vermont man, who authorities say was angry over an arrest and used his tractor to drive over seven police vehicles, is expected in court.

State Police say 34-year-old Roger Pion (PEE'-on) was taken into custody in Newport on Thursday, shortly after he allegedly crushed the Orleans County sheriff's vehicles. Estimated damage was at least $250,000.

He was apparently mad over his recent arrest on resisting arrest and marijuana possession charges...

Anecdote or data point?  I can't say for certain, but this is not just anger, but direct violence against the law enforcement organs of State control. 

Until the markets "confirm" these types of outbursts with a significant drop, I won't buy in that the Bear is back, but if this is any indication of what is in store for the coming downtrend, well, it could get real ugly out there friends.

Have a good weekend.


David said...

While this is amusing from afar, it seems like a less bloody version of that guy who armored his bulldozer and crushed some of the town that afflicted him. That "protest" went nowhere and cost a man his life.

Much more concerning are the occasional report of parts of cities being ceded to the control of street gangs. This 4th generation (of warfare) development is likely a glimpse of the future, where the sclerosis of today's "order" gives way to a new form of it.

From presidential assassination lists to unaccountable cops and prosecutors, the "regular" source of order has become a font of disorder. What steps in to reassert order may, however, be a cure worse than the disease.

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