Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Superstitious Fund - the Perfect Fund for our World

A Superstitious Fund

Here is a fund for our times - A Superstitious Fund!

The Superstitious Fund Project is a live one year experiment where an uncanny algorithm or SUPERSTITIOUS AUTOMATED ROBOT will trade live on the stock market. The financial instruments it will be using will be spreadbetting on the FTSE 100.

The superstitious trading algorithm will trade purely on the belief of NUMEROLOGY and in accordance to the MOON. It will for example have the fear of the number 13, as well as generating its own beliefs and new logic for trading

Part of me wants to gently mock the premise behind the fund.  Then I recall my own trading record and will instead keep silent. 

My only comment is on the name.  Fifteen years ago I bet they would have dressed up their algo by naming it some mish-mash of the words "quantum," "long term," "strategic," and "Buffett" - using some sort of hedge fund name generator similar to the ones they use to put names on suburban subdivisions.  Instead, in keeping with a moodier time that should be a little more publicly tolerant of magical thinking, and, frankly, with some refreshing honesty, they just flat-out named it A Superstitious Fund.

Kudos to them for making it public and for their plan to post results.  Hell, that's more scientific than a lot of "science" that goes on today in a several disciplines that should know better.