Monday, June 25, 2012

Always Remember the Bureaucracy Doesn't Care

Sorry for the long silence.  This is mostly due to being incredibly busy at the day job.  It is funny, but not ha-ha funny, that I've never been busier working projects to a successful conclusion and planning new production expansion, while in the distance I see what I believe is an incoming asteroid of negative mood, hissing towards earth, ready to blast a hole in the best layed plans I might have.  Until then, though, I'll keep cashing that paycheck.

Then I ran across this story out of Tulsa and felt I had to comment on it:

Amazing.  Here is a woman actually trying to do something for herself.  She has tried to supplement her food supply by her own hard work.  She has tried to improve and manage her health using plants she grows herself.  She even educated herself on the local ordinances to make sure she was within code.

None of it mattered.

I have often suggested that you should acquire some high-quality gardening tools and plant a patch yourself.  It is a great way to be productive and to add the occasional healthy fruit or vegetable to your table.  In these sorts of rally periods, where those of us who are convinced we are headed off a cliff, these kinds of pursuits can help keep us grounded and hopefully make our households more resilient for an era when resiliency will trump the Cult of Efficiency.  Who knows, you may get bit by the bug and go on to grow much of your household's food to help conserve cash, or maybe you'll go on to help coordinate a community garden when times get tough, building up ties among your neighbors, ties which could prove far more useful in a post-Crash world than a survival bunker and cases of 9mm ammo.

Always remember, the Bureaucracy, especially that small but very vicious segment of the the Code Enforcers and Home Owners Associations dotting this fair land, hates you.  Period.  If you are trying to do something creative, to become even a little more self-sufficient, to step outside the norm, they will come after you with hammer and tongs.  If you wind up unlucky and in their cross-hairs, they will not hesitate to drive you to your death and, at the moment, there is little recourse.  They will ignore their own codes, they will ignore the law, and they won't be sanctioned by local courts.  There ain't no tyranny like local tyranny. 

The current rules structure, zoning laws, and the people enforcing them are made for an age that died with Lehman Brothers.  They want everyone to be shoe-horned into a suburban plot with flowers and a nicely mowed lawn.  They want strip malls filled with service "industry" businesses, they want to shake down local contractors on the side, they want to extort money from buildings underway, turn property over to their crony capitalist friends so they can come along for the ride, and in general, they want it all to be like it was in 1995.  They will roust the formerly middle class as they drop into poverty. they will enforce and stretch the interpretation of every ordinance they can to every inch they can get, to try and cram the world back in a box that has been blasted to pieces.  They will not like anyone who tries to make things more resilient, especially when it happens from private effort.

Be aware of this.  This too shall pass, but the Bureacracy will continue running their obsolete operating system for as long they can, and they won't care what or who they destroy along the way.  Because it will all be turning around soon and it will be just like the 1990's...