Thursday, April 12, 2012

This is Your Brain on Optimism

Here is some research that could prove very interesting to those of us interested in Socionomics:

by Robert T. Gonzalez, io9
We humans are a hopeful bunch — so hopeful, in fact, that our views of the future are often irrationally positive. But at what point does unflagging optimism become detrimental to our progress and success? Is there any chance that our starry-eyed tendencies could actually work in our favor, or do they simply leave us unprepared for future misfortunes?

It would be very interesting to conduct these fMRI studies over a period of time and see if this optimistic bias shifts over time and then compare that data to the resulting Elliott Wave patterns found in market movements.

If nothing else, this article reinforces my belief we are still in a net-negative mood era (with a long way to go before we exit it), otherwise I don't think we'd be discussing how optimism might be a bad thing in all cases.  Amazing the doors fMRI can open for us.

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