Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cracked Gets Socionomics (Sort of)

If the flailings of the Eurocrats and the Banksters are not enough to elicit dark laughter from you, you can always turn to the lighter fair offered up at Cracked. While the title is a bit overblown, as one would expect from a site that gets a lot of mileage out of video game humor and drunk jokes, it does show that maybe, just maybe, the socionomic way of thought is creeping into the mainstream:

7 Bizarre Trends That Predict an Economic Collapse
By: Pauli Poisuo, Cracked
If you popped out of a time machine at a random moment in history, how would you know whether or not the country was in a recession? There'd be obvious signs, like lots more ads for payday loan joints and offers to buy your gold for pennies on the dollar. But there are less obvious, much weirder clues all around you. After all, did you know that when the economy is bad...

Reasons #5, #3 and #1 jumped out as very socionomic-ish and #2 jives pretty well too.


TryFreedomUS said...

While these are somewhat interesting, they seem a little bit reductive (and not very objective). You might want to take a look at a few different measures of financial euphoria that I identified. They apply both to the housing bubble and could easily highlight future unrealistic upswings in social mood.



Flagg707 said...

Interesting. Thanks.