Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Which Way the Political System?

CNN/ORC has a new poll out showing that, for the first time in their polling data (and going back to the CNN/Gallup polls stretching back to November of 1991 - see page 9), we have dipped below 50% of Americans who believe their U.S. Congressional Representative deserves to be re-elected:

CNN/ORC Poll Conducted August 5-7, 2011, Page 8

Readers of FutureJacked are well aware of the business-as-usual game typically played in this arena - it is always the Other Guys who are the problem.  "Your" representative is a Good Joe, fighting the good fight for "our" interests in the face of a bunch of unreasonable and corrupt politicians from other districts.  If that facade is cracking and if this is a trend and not a blip, then 2012 may be a bloodbath for incumbents.  If the stock market is signalling the big shift into deep negative-bias mood for the U.S., expect this to grow worse.

I am still not sure 2012 will see success for the Third Party I keep expecting to erupt onto the scene.  None of the existing Third Parties seem to be gaining any traction, though that could obviously change.  Various, shall we say, non-constitutional threats to the system are probably not on the horizon at the moment, but that could change if we were to see, deep, deep cuts in military spending or an outbreak of violence similar to what the U.K. is experiencing.

For those contemplating a political career, it may still be a bit early to jump into the ring, though starting your non-profit organizing and propaganda arm needs to begin soon.

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