Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If We Ignore Him, He Will Just Go Away

The MSM has no clue how to handle a Ron Paul that is doing well among many Republicans. Another example of the frantic, desparate efforts of the elites to pretend that all is well and things really aren't that different from the 1990s.

h/t Zero Hedge

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David said...

You do have to wonder how far the Ministry of Truth will go to marginalize outside-their-acceptable-boundaries thought among audience members.

We seem to be bifurcating into those who see the coming conflagration (and identify CNN, FOX, cBS, nB(S)c, aB(S)c, MSNB(S)c, et. al. with cheerleaders of the Apocalypse) and are digging holes in which to move, and those mindless insects who emulate bobble-head dolls at the inside-the-boundaries talking points given them by their masters.

I subscribe to the historical observation that 1) nearly all people far prefer a benign slavery to actual freedom and self-responsibility, 2) Man has always, everywhere been ruled by the SCUM of humankind, and 3) we live in the AGE of politics, where political actions and engagement swamp economic action and engagement (which predictably leads to a state of collapse or near-collapse.)

Were history and "the news" rewritten from this quite obvious perspective, nearly everything we know about the past and the now would be inverted.