Friday, July 8, 2011

Things To Come...

Charles Hugh Smith has an excellent blog post up, describing some of the outlines of the coming crisis. There is a strong socionomic flavor to it (and to most of his writings) and I highly recommend his work:

The Shape of Things to Come
by Charles Hugh Smith
Yesterday I laid out why the U.S. will inevitably experience The Great Reset. What comes after that systemic devolution/crisis is unknown, but we can speculate on the shape of things to come.

Though we cannot know the outcome, we can certainbly discern the outlines of the crisis itself. These destabilizing conditions will force a crisis at some point and will be resolved one way or another:

1. Profound political disunity...

2. A dearth of leadership...

3. The unstable double-bind of rule by Financial Plutocracy...

4. The political corruption of religion...

I especially appreciate his paying attention to the religious aspect of the coming crisis. Great Awakenings have occurred multiple times in the past and these non-material shifts in mood/consciousness brought on by new or revitalized belief structures have had a profound influence on history, economics and politics.

Will this next Great Awakening be the Green Religion I continue to worry about? A revitalized and possibly more mystical version of Christianity as opposed to the Pharisee-like efforts to mate religion with the sanctioned guns of government we've seen over the past few decades? Something "new" that will burst upon the scene much like the irruption of Islam under the hand of the Prophet Muhammad? A "back to the land" or commune movement like the Trascendalists of the 1800s or the Hippies of the 1960s?

This Awakening may not happen until this coming crisis has bottomed out, but in a way that is almost too bad, as these Awakenings, like them or not, tend to set up the new guideposts for society. We will be stumbling into this one with no moorings and all the guideposts deconstructed to dust.


David said...

Frustrating, isn't it, to expect Great Changes but to have so little to go on regarding the all-important specifics?

Does one prepare for fire or flood, for earthquake or tornado cluster? The answers matter, but other than "calamity ahead," the data points are missing as yet.

My guess is that most of the "preppers" will be disappointed, and that what actually materializes will be 180 degrees off from what they expect, rendering some or most of their expensive preparations moot.

In the short run the only signals I see are to embrace the one thing nearly all people disdain at the moment, and that hews to Prechter's recommendations for "investors."

Flagg707 said...

Frustrating indeed. I just wish I had a better feel for how the political situation is going to crumble. Modern tyranny costs a lot to implement and the money may not be there to go that route. Plus the feds and the states will be laying folks off in droves - we might see a new generation of muck-raking reporters breaking stories on corruption and the impunity with which many of those entrusted with government guns have acted over the years.

Remember how fast events began to move when the old USSR broke up - who knows what the political and social scene is going to look like when the derivatives bomb goes off, and we retrace this multi-century span of generally optimistic mood.

David said...

Both tyranny and war cost a lot to fund. What is it they say, we're still paying debts incurred during WW2? Or is it just Korea or Vietnam and everything since?

It's my understanding that a tax "take" above 20% of GDP is simply not achievable. If we subtract new debt being assumed and government spending in general from GDP to arrive at an honest figure for "real" goods and services produced, the figure is likely to be north of 40%, but still the fact that there's an upper limit must be confronted.

The collapse of the Debt Ponzi will make funding even the most sacrosanct programs problematic. What worries me is that the tax feeders with badges may dispense with the niceties and become overt highwaymen-under-color-of-law, armed and uniformed (and Dangerous) "tax collectors."

One thing I predict with assurance: The past systems of social control (mostly wage-based work systems and home ownership) are apt to suffer massive damage, and social control is apt to decrease by a massive percentage. People with little left to lose are quick to become a mob.