Monday, March 7, 2011

Socionomics Summit 2011

A reminder for those of you interested in Socionomics and how to apply it, the 2011 Socionomics Summit will be held in Atlanta in mid-April.  The price is right.  It is easy to get to Atlanta.  Attend this conference.  It is not every day you get to help participate in the growth of a new scientific discipline.

The 2011 Socionomics Summit

The coming 2011 Socionomics Summit on April 16 in Atlanta will indeed discover "New Horizons" -- which is precisely what this emerging science has done time and again in recent years.

Attendees will be able to hear, ask questions of, and mingle with 14 of the foremost academics, writers and researchers who contribute to the science of socionomics. Even now, their innovative work is helping to define the critical role that social mood plays in human affairs. The featured speakers include:

  • Successful hedge fund manager Scott Reamer
  • Indiana University professors Johan Bollen and Huina Mao, contributing authors of the widely-reported academic paper "Twitter mood predicts the stock market"
  • Scholar and best-selling author of Mood Matters, John Casti
  • Emmy award-winning Minyanville sage Kevin Depew
  • The man who discovered socionomics, Robert Prechter

This list is just the beginning. Speakers also include the Socionomics Institute's research fellow at the University of Cambridge, Matt Lampert, as well as in-house researchers Alan Hall and Euan Wilson, whose research continues to demonstrate how social mood drives social action.

Please know that the phrase "new horizons" is no exaggeration. As published in The Socionomist, our recent studies of social mood have anticipated a mind-boggling series of global trends and events:

  • "War and Peace in the Middle East" (Dec. 2010) was weeks ahead of the violence and shockwaves of protest that changed the political landscapes of Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya and beyond.
  • "Authoritarianism" (April 2010) forecasted increased internet regulation and warned of a possible cyber war -- months before the WikiLeaks controversy broke.
  • "The Coming Collapse of Modern Prohibition" (July 2009) anticipated the dramatic escalation of violence in Mexico's deadly drug war. It also called for growing American tolerance of marijuana use.
  • "Authoritarianism" (April 2010) warned of unprecedented new forms of government control even in ostensibly free countries like the U.S. Since then, news events include the advent of secret government GPS controls on cars, airport pat-downs and document checks on train travel inside U.S. borders.
  • "The Developing European Tinderbox" (Dec. 2009) preceded the biggest story in Europe in 2010 -- the re-kindling of old ethnic and national hostilities and the possible coming dissolution of the euro.

For more information about the 2011 Socionomics Summit: New Horizons in the Study of Social Mood, simply follow this link.

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