Thursday, March 3, 2011

Checking In

Sorry for the absence. The non-blogging world has been hectic around these parts.

The plateau of mood and markets continues to undulate in Europe and the Americas. The "Arab Spring" continues to percolate along, with Libya in the opening innings of a possible civil war, with Egypt still tense (and their markets still closed), Bahrain in turmoil, Tunisia restive and Saudi princes nervously peering out the windows of their Mercedes, wondering if their country will be the next domino to fall.

Here in the U.S., pundits continue to be exceedingly optimistic. Even with the NFL labor dispute, which I figured would blow up into a lockout, there is talk of extending the deadlines and continuing to talk.

I still regard it as the calm before the storm.

Other than that, I am actively working on full paper studying the socionomic characteristics of nuclear power that I will be sending over for inclusion in the the Socionomic Summit proceedings.

Keep your eyes open and your powder dry.

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