Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is the Anger in Egypt About to Be "Grounded?"

UPDATE: Wrong. Mubarak has stated he will hang on and " for a peaceful transitions of power."

Per Al Jazeera, a chant heard in Tahrir Square: "We're off to the presidential palace. We're going as millions of martyrs." END UPDATE

Looks like the Egyptian protestors may, just may, see Mubarak ousted.


While I hope for their sakes they don't get stuck with Suleiman in charge, we could be close to an event that could "ground" some of this anger and emotional energy that has built up over the last month.  From the point of view of Israeli and U.S. national interests, I would think Suleiman would be preferred, but it may be that events have gone to far to allow him to hold onto power.

Grounding the Emotional Energy

I'm not sure if the concept of "grounding" is an orthodox socionomic concept, but I carry around in my head an idea that, once a populace has latched onto a symbol for their emotional state (in this case, Mubarak) there are ways to satisfy or balance this emotional state by seeing that symbol either destroyed (in negative mood times) or elevated to prominence (in positive mood times).

I still suggest the Al Jazeera news feed for news out of Egypt. They've proven themselves head and shoulders above all the other news sources I turn to, including Stratfor, during this crisis.

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