Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fox "News" Mood Shaping Fail

It is my personal opinion that the best advertisers, direct mail copywriters and political fixers all have a highly developed antenna attuned to the shifting waves of public mood described by the Socionomic Theory. While they may not adhere to the theory, or even know of it yet, they know how the shape messages that the public is willing to accept and use to explain or describe the underlying mass mood.

But the message-shapers are not infallible and when they fail, it can be ugly for the ad firm, a political campaign or, in the case below, a news channel and information platform. I give you great Fox News Fail of 2011:

FOX Dirty Trick Attempt to Discredit Ron Paul's Straw Poll Victory
from Economic Policy Journal
How scared of Ron Paul is the establishment?

They used their media mouthpiece, FOX "News", to attempt to discredit Paul's straw poll victory at CPAC by playing the booing during the 2010 straw poll results as though it was the 2011 results being booed...

Wow. In an earlier time, with fewer communication tools at the disposal of those who would challenge the Establishment, this type of mood shaping might have had more of an effect in how mass mood got expressed via actions, decisions and the personalities that mood was attached to.

Not so today. The Establishment continues to eat itself and destroy its own credibility.

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