Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Socionomic Bugs?

Here's your daily dose of wild blue sky speculation: What if one of the drivers of mood, the basis of socionomics and Elliott Wave Theory, is related to the life-cycle of as-yet unidentified organisms?

What if there is a group of organisms that grow or hibernate on long cycles, such as the cicada, and that these organisms can pass among the population, helping to drive mood?

Infectious Moods: How Bugs Control Your Mind
from New Scientist
FEELING happy? Down in the dumps? Or been behaving strangely lately? Besides the obvious reasons, whether or not you are happy or sad, or prone to depression or other mental illnesses, could be a consequence of an infection - or even down to the diseases that you didn't catch during childhood.

"It used to be thought that the immune system and the nervous system were worlds apart," says John Bienenstock of McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. Now it seems the immune system, and infections that stimulate it, can influence our moods, memory and ability to learn. Some strange behaviours, such as obsessive compulsive disorder, may be triggered by infections, and the immune system may even shape our basic personalities, such as how anxious or impulsive we are...

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