Monday, January 10, 2011

Fin de Siecle, Illinois

Before we are done plumbing the darkness of the coming storm of anger and negative sentiment, expect politicians running down hidey-holes and through hidden tunnels to avoid angry reactions to their policies to become something normal. Sadly, the recent tragedy in Arizona points out that it might be the smart move for politicos...

Illinois Governor Flees Capitol Through The Basement After Disastrous Meeting On State Budget
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn fled the state's Capitol building through the basement after a lengthy day of debating a rescue plan for the troubled state...

Illinois is in deep trouble. Just like California, New York, and apparently now Texas, things are not bad enough yet for people to accept radical cuts in outlays. It's going to take a crash in revenues, a shutdown in state government, some sort of bankruptcy process and an uptick in mood to allow for a glimmer of "can do" spirit to take charge of the mess and clear the decks.

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David said...

Well, the parasites got their tax increase. I guess they'll happily consume that extra money from me, and give me more BS in return.

The part that really bothers me is when some imbecile reporter regurgitates the "temporary" label attached to this massive tax increase. Some of us are old enough to recall the last time a "temporary" tax increase was passed in Illinois, when the rate went from 2.5% to 3% "for the duration of the crisis."

Needless to say, the rate become permanent because tax money is the most addictive substance known to political parasites.

Anyone who thinks politicians will EVER give up a dime of this massive new burden is beyond stupid.