Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes Virginia, There is a Bear

This week has started off with a series of events so much in tune with the socionomic theory of how Bear Markets unfold as to almost be absurd.

First, we have War (good God, y'all):

Second, we have political rage (though it is still in its muted, infant stage - the real crapstorm awaits):

Third, we have social rage finding an outlet via our (very, very close) friends with the TSA:

Fourth, we know we are still in the early phases of this era of negative mood because the media talkers are still being nice and deferential to the plutocrats:

Take what you've seen here, extrapolate out about a thousand-fold and that is what I think you'll be seeing within in the next few years.


Greg B said...

I was thinking similar thoughts about his weeks little pileup on the social mood highway. Add in the hedge funds getting raided for insider trading plus some noticeable stumbles in the world stock markets and one starts to wonder if that isn't wave II we see receding in the rearview mirror...

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