Friday, November 19, 2010

Note To Those Who Would Oppose the Machine

The recent story out of Sweden has me thinking more and more about the backlash that the corporate cartels and governments are going to lay down on populations across the globe once the negative mood goes negative in a parabolic manner.

Sweden issuing arrest warrant for WikiLeaks' Assange
by Declan McCullagh, CNET News

The Swedish government said today it would issue an international arrest warrant for WikiLeaks spokesman Julian Assange on rape charges.

A Stockholm district court ruled that Assange will be "detained in his absence" on charges of rape, sexual molestation, and unlawful coercion. The decision came at a hearing where Sweden's director of prosecution, Marianne Ny presented evidence related to the allegations...

Traditional methods of influencing the governing elites, the stuff they taught us Civics class about writing our Congressfolks and Senators, debating the issues, etc., etc., were proven by the TARP fiasco to be the crock of steaming fecal matter that the more cynical among us had always asserted.

As for other methods of influencing the behavior of the elites, such as street protest - I personally think that era has ended with a whimper as well. "Free Speech Zones," increasingly effective police efforts to break groups into pieces before protests even occur, and the (current) lack of a coherent protest message that is appealing to the "Silent Majority" all conspire to make such efforts a general waste of time.

The efforts of the elites to tackle other methods of protest - cultural stuff like songs, video, books, whistle-blowing (a la Wikileaks) etc. are age-old but are wearing new labels. In the past, a poet in the old USSR would have been hit with some variety of sedition or disturbing the peace type charge. With that tactic grown stale, we now see the growth of efforts to discredit opponents to the state via drug or sex crime charges. "Peace" groups that might support a "victim" will shy away from supporting a "drug trafficker" (such as was the case in Russia back in the 1990's when they jailed the rabble-rousing poet Alina Vitukhnovskaya on drug charges that turned out to be fabricated, instead of the old tried and true method of calling her an enemy of the State).

Wikileaks is seeing this in the actions against Assange. The discussion and debate will now always center on the salacious "crime" he is supposed to have committed, not the criminal behavior his organization is seeking to bring to light.

Much of this will be obvious to many readers, but I wanted to revisit it as a reminder. Once mood craters, lots of opposition movements are going to spring up. Always remember that the elites are fantastic at suborning opposition groups that work outside the mainstream parties. Always keep that in mind. You are going to travel a rough and rugged road between here and whatever place you think you need to move the country (or what will be left of it) once mood plunges into the abyss of rage and fear that I expect. I'm not saying don't pursue whatever reform you think you need to support. I am saying, do it with both eyes wide open.

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