Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flying Fault Line?

I've been wary of commenting on the building anger over getting felt up by the skilled practitioners of safety with TSA. This is mainly because I figured it was just another example of the nutless libertarian movement which rages mightily on the interwebs about Freedom!, but truckles under the first time someone yells loud at them.

Well, the anger seems to be building (as socionomics posits that it would). The folks sponsoring National Opt Out Day seem to be gaining some momentum. We'll see come Thanksgiving what really happens. Real anger translating into real action? Or just more suburban soccer mom whining and compliance with a security review that really doesn't protect against any of the recent threats?

We'll see where the DJIA is come next week and then we'll see if it correlates. A socionomic experiment at work!

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David said...

I find it fascinating. Axiomatically we know that a tax-supported coercive monopoly like the TSA (or the U.S. military, the Dept. of Ed., etc.) perverts all of the incentives to achieve success, if success is accomplishment of STATED aims.

Despite this, the vast majority of people line up like cattle to support such monopolies, so befuddled is their thinking by lifelong immersion in propaganda.

Elliott and Prechter are unequivocally correct; what drives human social behavior are the brain structures humans have in common with cattle.