Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Anecdote of Doom

Here's another anecdote on the interest in "doomer" topics. Matt Savinar at Life After the Oil Crash has had forums up for years, discussing peak oil, financial instability, prepper actions and general doomer topics.

He's had to move the forum a few times recently because traffic is so high the boards crash. He put up a "disinvitation" to people last week - basically saying that if you need the forum just to find a "daddy" to make you feel better or answer all your questions the way you want to hear them, then you should not participate in the forum. Guess it wasn't enough to drive off business because Matt put this notice up yesterday:

Editor's Note: Future of the Forum
Am closing it, except for the meetup section, am working on archiving the old one. (When I take it out of maintanence mode, it still allows people to post and them "bammo" it crashes again.) Will have more tomorrow.

Wow. So much interest in a Peak Oil/Doomer forum that they continue to crash the boards, even on several different forum vendors. Folks are nervous out there.

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