Thursday, September 16, 2010

More on Our Brittle Society

This story from Georgia is a prime example, in my opinion, of just how ugly and protracted the downturn is going to be. Click on this link to hear about the story of a man being prosecuted for growing too many vegetables on his property.

I still strongly believe that once the Great Collapse gets going in earnest, kitchen gardens are going to make a comeback. Lawfare waged against citizens by government hacks will make it a dicey endeavor in many places as large gardens will fluourish and farmers markets will grow in popularity (propelled by not only locals wanting to support their neighbors but by the anger at, and suspicion of, large corporate farms using genetically modified crops - a perfect scapegoat for the negative emotions that will erupt throughout society as we slide into this long correction).

The lack of creativity and understanding by the governing elites continues to stun me. As one of the neighbors put it, local government should be helping him, not hindering him.


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