Monday, August 9, 2010

Peak Pretending

Another gem from Jim Kunstler's weekly jeremiad:

The Queasy Season
...Peak pretending now joins peak oil, peak credit, peak rare earths, and all the other peaks visible to us humble valley dwellers. Pretending bought America two years of respite from the ravages of fraud and mismanagement, but now the true condition of this society reveals itself like the disfigured ghoul in the sewer lowering his mask. Further pretending is unnecessary now. We're even beyond the "modified limited hang-out" stance, as a long-ago presidential counselor once put his PR strategy in the face of crumbling public credulity. When nothing is believable, what's the point in even pretending?

A poetic view of the "magical thinking" that the socionomic model predicts for times like these.  Note how he hits on the various memes that I think will be used to tell the story of the coming plunge in social mood.  Art, forecasting life...

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