Monday, August 23, 2010

Looking for Fault Lines

Apologies on the lack of posts recently. My day job responsibilities have increased dramatically and combined with this "calm before the storm" period I think we are in, there has not been much I've wanted to comment on.

One thing to do, in addition to enjoying each and every day (we'll look back on this summer as the last "normal" summer before the Great Collapse, in my opinion), keep an eye out for local "fault lines" - how you think public rage will express itself (and who will be on the receiving end).

Here are some links to stories that might get you thinking about this topic:

Cash-strapped Philly: Bloggers must pay for business license

Mansion squatters return in a big way

The War Against Wikileaks

Soaring Teen Unemployment Could Have Lifetime Effects

Scientists Disagree with Government: 79% of Oil Still There

Community will be key.  I hope yours is in a position to adjust enough to weather the storm relatively unscathed...

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