Thursday, July 8, 2010

More on Walls and Barriers

As I've blogged before, I think that walls and security cordons are going to flourish once the Bear Market returns in a big way.  Here's a story about an early adopter of that strategy - the NYPD - and the effects on the surrounding community:

'Like a war zone': Some NYC residents living behind barricades, checkpoints 9 years after 9/11
NEW YORK (AP) — The street below Danny Chen's window in lower Manhattan has changed over the last decade from a bustling four-lane thoroughfare to an empty road lined with police barricades.

To get home each day, Chen has to present his ID at a police checkpoint. When the officer lowers the metal gate into the ground to let him in, he drives through as quickly as he can. More than once, the barricade has risen too soon, lifting his wife's minivan into the air.

Following the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, the New York Police Department barricaded off its headquarters on Park Row. About 2,000 residents in two apartment complexes found themselves living inside a security zone.

Nine years later, they still are...

I personally, think the stories about walls and bunkers will shift in tone to themes of security and community as mood continues to move into a negative phase and xenophobia begins to build (not irrationally in many cases, in my opinion, as I expect personal violence to skyrocket as well).

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Here's an article on barriers in China:;_ylt=AlrEEJZnSOM.E.t_FHVDoHVzfNdF