Friday, July 9, 2010


Have a great weekend, friends. Here's hoping we can continue along this choppy plateau of mildly net-negative mood. Every month the illusion holds is one more month we've delayed the chaos. Of course, it also means the coming wave of despair and anger will be that much deeper, but hey, take it like you can get it. Enjoy the moment.


David said...

Hi Michael, You write as someone who is not net-short this market. (grin)

As one who is, this sideways crap is like water torture. I do agree, however, that waffling around here within 10% of the year's highs is good for those clinging to employment. The 13 month rally was enough for my recent college grad to get a job, so now we wait to see how long are the straws my working sons draw. Not everyone can be unemployed during Supercycle a (at least, I hope that's true).

Flagg707 said...

Water torture indeed. I'm having flashbacks of 2004-2007.

I'm wondering too about the unemployment thing as well. Mood will certainly get dark, but surely there will still be a lot of folks working and hustling, even if not all will be in the formal economy. It is going to be interesting to watch.