Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Few Items

Sorry for the lack of activity - very busy at the moment.

While I get the day job attended to, here are some articles/thought pieces that, in my opinion, will play well (socionomically speaking) assuming we plunge into a deeply negative mood phase:

The Aym article is there because it is full-blown juicy doomer porn - and quite possibly a marker for the kind of mindset we will be dealing with if/as mood deteriorates.  Watch how people interpret events, read the stories they tell themselves about the events and how that reflects on their mood at the time and contemplate the kinds of political and social reactions we'll see in response.

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David said...

Truly excellent thought: Watch the stories people tell themselves.

Doomsday scenarios, nefarious conspiracies (lest we forget, the public image of the story Nazi Germany was built upon was such a conspiratorial viewpoint) and the like will indicate what channel will carry the mood flood (assuming GS IV has begun).