Friday, June 4, 2010

Surfing the Wave of Negative Mood in a Lifeboat

Here's another shining example of how negative sentiment is growing and unfolding. Mike Ruppert, who has been pounding the drum of the Collapse of Industrial Civilization for some time is lauching Collapsenet next week.

From the press release:

May 21, 2010 – CollapseNet ™, a long-anticipated new effort from internationally-recognized author, lecturer and activist Michael C. Ruppert, will officially launch on Tuesday June 8, 2010. The site will be a first-of-its-kind effort to promote the rapid and focused sharing of information between millions around the world who are preparing for the collapse of human industrial civilization – The Lifeboat Movement...

...The collapse of human industrial civilization will bring with it a host of unforgiving challenges including the breakdown of governments, economic collapse, the end of fiat currency, massive civil unrest, displaced populations, permanent blackouts, infrastructure failures, fresh water shortages, famine, war, widespread disease and suffering. The tragedy of Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico has drastically reduced what time there is to prepare and forever changed the global playing field. It has unleashed an immediate host of unforeseen and unforgiving new challenges...

If negative mood is as far advanced as I think, Collapsenet should meet with strong success.

It sounds like something worth looking into even for those who may not believe that we'll lose Industrial Civilization but just see a massive collapse and reordering of the social, agricultural, manufacturing and political landscape that paves the way for another wave of progress... several decades or a century hence.

Check it out. For those (like me) worried about the brittle nature of how the U.S. feeds itself and of the nature of the supply chains altogether, there may be something here for us.

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