Thursday, June 3, 2010

As an aside

Every now and then the blog goes dark for awhile as I work on various stuff in my day job. One of my recent projects has been to work on a patent I co-authored a few years ago on a device to produce medical isotopes that normally need a nuclear reactor - without the reactor. This week we finally got the licensing deal done.

AMIC Signs Exclusive Global license for "Sub-Critical System" to Produce Mo-99
KENNEWICK, Wash., June 3, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation ("AMIC") (OTCQB:ADMD), a company engaged in the production and distribution of medical isotopes, is delighted to announce the execution of an exclusive world-wide license for patented technology for a 'sub-critical system' relating to generating clinically relevant quantities of radioisotopes
(including Mo-99)...

We are working to secure funding for the prototype now. Heck of a time for a pink sheets company to be asking for money, though. The initial prototype runs looked great. Here's hoping the coming Wave 3 down can hold off for another month or two...

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