Wednesday, May 19, 2010

These Are BP's Rules, Not Ours

UPDATE: John Robb is talking about the legitimacy issue swirling around the Deepwater Horizon spill as well.

BP is playing a dangerous game here. At the end of the day, whether the true environmental impact is relativley mild or severe, it might not matter. This spill is happening at a time of intensifying negative mood. The "herding" or "wolfpack" mentality shown by large groups and modeled by socionomics tells us that scapegoats will be designated and BP is doing their best to beg for the job.

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By God I am an American and to hear an officer of the United States Coast Guard utter the words "these are BP's rules, not ours" when discussing a tragedy that has occured in U.S. territorial waters is stunning. And enraging.

The information ops being run by BP have been to obfuscate and wall off independent experts - the exact opposite of what they should be doing. The blowback could be devastating.


David said...

Gone are the days when J&J immediately, without prompting, pulled every single bottle of Tylenol off the shelves as soon as it was known that a couple bottles were laced with cyanide.

For years this was literally the textbook case for how a corporation had to act in the face of a major problem.

Decades have passed and I question whether J&J's management would even be capable of such far-sighted actions. I think the worm has turned and high time preference behavior is far too established.

One of the key tenets of socionomics is that the seeds of the next big trend are sown during the current one. We know what kinds of social effects should occur in a major social mood decline; today's widespread condition of high time preference (all that matters is the "now") is a key seed for the future's difficulties.

Gregory Wade said...

Agreed on the social aspects. Different times. I enjoy the blog, BTW. Have you thought about twitter?

Flagg707 said...

Different times indeed. I have thought about twitter but with a busy summer at my day job coming up, I am holding off revamping the site. Probably will do that this fall.