Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For Your Radar

Lot's of potentially severe expressions of negative mass mood on the horizon:

Do please keep an eye on the developing situation on the Korean Peninsula. This is one of those things that logically seems like it should die down without a war being touched off. I claim zero expertise on internal North Korean politics, but I do know that anger is rising around the globe and a few missteps could lead to a tragedy.

UPDATE: North Korea cuts ties with South

The equity markets look to open down today. The 9850 area on the DJIA is important in my opinion. Probably we'll se a big bounce off of it. If we crack through it, it could collapse and collapse quickly.

The Deepwater Horizon spill continues to act as a lightning rod. The federales don't want to take it over and everyone is praying this "Top Kill" will work. Otherwise, this will be a bleeding wound that will serve as a path to vent lots of anger and fire up the Environmentalists as well as property owners along the Redneck Riviera. That's a combustible combintation BP doesn't want to deal with on top of Senators and Congressmen aching for soundbite time chewing on them.

I hope you have some minimal preparations in place to handle supply chain disruptions and possible banking system interruptions. Going to be a long, hot summer I fear.

North Korea cuts ties with South

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