Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP is the New Goldman Sachs

The lying sacks of sh*t at BP and their enablers in the press and, worse, the United States Coast Guard, have admitted that the "top kill" has failed. The fact that the Coast Guard is still parroting these corporate scumbags is stunning to me. Admiral Allen should have pulled his nine on Mr. Suttles and popped a cap in his ass over this last failure. That admiral is a dead man (in a career sense, of course) walking.

BP is a dead man walking as well. When you have people talking about nuking the leak to stop it (a point I'll briefly address below) and when the oil containment "efforts" have been worthless from the get-go (please read this for one of many reasons I say that), the storm that is going to descend on that company is going to kill it. And good riddance says I.

There are many great people that work for BP and it is a shame they are going to get hurt in this, but the fact remains that a company owned by the Queen of effing England has, through incompetence and greed, basically pulled off a WMD attack on U.S shores. Yes, I am angry and yes I think it will be that bad (both from a direct impact sense and especially from an emotional sense). From a socionomic point of view, BP is going to be to the energy industry what Goldman Sachs is going to be for the finance industry - an obvious scapegoat that will be torn down brick by brick as mood craters.

The Nuclear Option

By the way, Matt Simmons and others have been talking about lighting off a nuclear warhead as one option to seal this leak.

That, my friends, is bad, bad news - especially if these blivots (Southeast Missouri speak for five pounds of shit in a four pound bag) in "charge" get panicked enough in the coming months to actually do it.

From a radiological point of view, this would be a non-event. The radiation released and fission products produced would be minimal and in the context of the spill have zero extra impact (all the bullshit you will hear from Greenpeace be damned - if they want to debate the effects of nuclear weapons with me, game on I say). The effects on public perception and possibly on the leak would be bad to possibly catastrophic.

Public perception would default to the Simpson's view of radiation and freak the hell out, especially in this time of mounting anger and fear. The nuke shot itself might succeed, but then again, this is not a well-characterized site and we haven't done a nuke shot since 1992. Supposedly the Russians have done this several times. Sure. And they didn't succeed every time - and they were pinching off gas wells, above ground, in well-known and well-characterized geologic formations.

There are so many unknowns that it could well wind up ripping open the leak further. Run all the computer modeling you want. This is not some intensely studied piece of dirt in the Nevada desert where we'd know exactly the right place to set the warhead. This is a gushing oil volcano a mile under the sea.


Sorry for the rant, but my friends, this is a bad one. Not just bad in terms of actual effects, but we have the makings of a meme that could go rogue as mood continues to sour and the aftereffects could upend not just Big Oil, but Big Government if this winds up getting painted as a Katrina times 10.

Double Sigh.

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