Friday, April 16, 2010

Peering Through the Haze

As we watch the fickle beast of mass mood express itself, let's be thinking about the shape of the crater the Great Collapse is going to make when this whole thing implodes. One thesis I am working with is that mass mood, whether positive or negative, "travels" down paths and energizes memes that have been circulating in various societies for many years. The actions we will see taken as expressions of rage and fear will not just spring up from nowhere, but, in my opinion, that anger and fear will express itself and justify itself through stories that we have been telling ourselves for quite some time.

One other part of my working hypothesis is that the various "elites" who think they are "in control" to some degree try to seed popular opinion with various memes that they hope will gain energy and traction by channeling this mass mood the way they want. In times of moderate change, I think this is a relatively easily achieved goal - just look at the size of the advertising industry.

During times like ours, as we see the first trickles of what will become a tsunami of rage, I think the elites will be very surprised at the "rogue" memes that will grow to monstrous power.

World Events

How might deep and widespread anger and negativity express itself across the globe? War, protectionism and ethnic cleansing have been some typical responses. Let's look at a few potential hot spots.

Israel - Iran

The political elites have been making a case for an attack on Iran by Israel, by the U.S. or by both for many years now. This general meme is well-established and you can easily pick up the key phrases that have been seeded in the popular press over the years:

  • President Ahmadenijad of Iran is a madman who wants to "wipe Israel off the map"
  • An Iran with a nuclear weapon is an "existential threat to Israel"
  • Conventional weapons may not take out all of Iran's nuclear sites and Israel could use tactical nuclear weapons in a strike on Iran (a newish key phrase out and about in the wilds of the blogosphere, think tanks and various media)
  • Hizbullah has a large missile arsenal and is itching to attack Israel

Alternate versions include Israel attacking Lebanon as a whole as a way of hitting Hizbullah, Israel hammering Hamas yet again and/or striking out at Syria. If the Israelis do nuke Iran, tune in here for some discussion of radiation safety, fallout and some science to go along with the fear storm that will explode in the media.

North Korea - South Korea

A hot spot for over 60 years, one never knows if they'll actually pull the trigger on a new hot war there. The politicians on both sides are accustomed to the long stalemate and both know just how much they have to lose in a war. That said, this coming era will not be marked for its adherence to reasoned politics and measured action, I fear.


If Mexico continues to disintegrate, keep an eye on oil export volumes from PEMEX. If the narcotraficantes start treating PEMEX the way MEND treats Royal Dutch Shell, then the U.S. will have one of her critical supplies of oil restricted if not halted.

Please please please think about the consequences of the U.S. losing some or all of the product from her number two supplier of oil. All those trucks. All those tractors. All those ambulances. All those school buses. All those freaking cars and SUVs and trucks - and a lot less oil to go around...


I mention the United States' third-largest supplier of oil in the context of two potential events:

  • The Guri Dam is nearing a shutdown due to a massive drought (and losing it means cascading effects that could choke off oil supplies)
  • Venezuela could embargo the United States if Israel attacks Iran

Again, just think about how unprepared the current societal arrangements in the U.S. are for high petroleum costs and/or supply shortages

Those are just a few hot spots. China will have internal problems, though I expect she'll work through them in time. The Japanese are facing a debt crisis like nothing seen on this earth soon. and who knows how Pakistan and Afghanistan will play out?

Events in the United States

A debt crisis is coming. In its wake will come harsher tax collection methods and a further loss of legitimacy of the United States Welfare State that has owned the mindspace of most Americans for over 70 years.

A political firestorm is brewing as the Tea Party movement gains brainshare in the minds of a significant segment of the population (one of those rogue memes the Establishment is trying desperatly to quash).

The first tiny signs of secessionism are creeping into public discussion. The Tenth Amendment Movement is a first sign. I expect California to lead the way, possibly with Texas. We shall see...

Local Events

Another debt crisis is brewing at the state, county and city levels. This is where the Tea Party Movement will probably make its strength felt as it will have the power to kill taxation bills and define the debate on what cities, counties and the states should be spending money on.

Future Thoughts

Times like this can also see new religious movements erupt - wheter via schism or via some new prophet. Keep an eye out for gnostic types of traditions, especially the bleak and angry versions that insist that we live in a vast prison, ruled byArchons and that existing control structures like established church systems are the tools of Samael. I look towards gnosticism as many of the tenets include a turning away from material goods, an inner search for illumination (and in today's world where we have a whole host of electronic aids to meditation and mind-hacking, it might be a way of reinforcing that trend) a hatred of the body and a number of other behaviors that would seem to gain credence and energy from negative mass mood.

The Environmental Movement is another existing force I have my eye on. Decades have been spent building up the eco movement's memes - whether in children's books or education or "science" - they own a lot of real estate in peoples' heads. Using that to build up a Green Tyranny I would think would be one possible future we should be on the lookout for.

Others? What else is worrying you? Where will the chips fall when the big poker table of our economy is overturned and the guns start blazing?

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