Thursday, April 29, 2010

The April Socionomist

The April issue of The Socionomist is out. Consider this an open thread if you wish to discuss. I really liked Alan Hall's lead article on how societies embrace authoritarianism during eras of negative mood. Much to ponder there...


Benh said...

Today's USAToday cartoon:

David said...

Can we thus expect societies wracked by NDSM (negative & declining social mood) to easily embrace "monsters under the bed" memes pushed by those seeking power?

My 86 year old mother used to grossly oversimplify Hitler's pogrom on Jews by saying that he needed someone on whom to focus other German's anger so he could get into and hold power. Is this much different than primitive societies tossing captives into volcanoes or cutting out the hearts of members of other tribes?

If it has not been put out there before, let me be the first to suggest that we should discuss social mood conditions in general terms that describe whether social mood is high (positive) or low (negative), the current cycle-degree trend (rising or declining) and proximity to the forecasted reversal (topping or bottoming). In this light, our current situation would be PDSM (positive declining social mood) which communicates both the mixed messages of our times and what we should generally expect (negative themes to gain ground).

Flagg707 said...

Very interesting point, David. The "mixed messages" idea seems very relevant right now.

I know that there was a chapter at least on the intensity of the mood expression vs. the degree of trend in one of the socionomics text books. I'll have to re-read those sections and see what we can do to expand on that.

Thanks for that observation.