Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Peek Into Post-Collapse Russia

Keeping in mind that history may not exactly repeat itself in North America, there may be some rhymes we should take into account between post-collapse Russia and post-Collapse America. Dmitry Orlov literally wrote the book on this, but other voices can help give you perspective as well.

Here is an interview with the foul and frantic Mark Ames about Moscow the paper he founded with Matt Taibbi, The Exile, back in the 1990's and the difference between what he saw on the ground in post-Soviet Russia versus the stories flowing from the mainstream press. This could matter when trying to sift between truth and fiction in a post-market collapse America...

Just something to think about.

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David said...

I called a well-read correspondent of mine's attention to this linked blog post and he observed that the blogger demonstrated a very stereotypically cultural Russian pessimism in his posts.

He notes that the blogger has his degrees in Philosophy, so why did he emigrate to the USA; better yet, who paid his way? What did he think he was going to do here to earn money to survive?

We can learn something of our plight from studying those who have gone before us, but our challenge always is to figure out in which ways will ours be a unique journey through the valley. What we face remains unprecedented in modern or even pre-modern times giving us a heck of a wide spectrum from which to choose the actual path.