Sunday, January 10, 2010

How TPTB Can Shape What You See on the Web

Very interesting heads up from Jeff Id over at the Air Vent (where the whole climategate scandal kicked off).

Apparently, search results for the term "climategate" have been plummeting for Google searches. Per Jeff, "...It appears google is linking to less and less websites specific to climategate. Early this morning [Dr. Weinstein] sent an email saying google was below 3 million hits where it once peaked at around 50 million. Currently the number has dropped even further to 2.2 million..."

I tried Bing, and got an estimated 51,400,000 hits for climategate and on Altavista I got 30,000,000 hits.

The rich irony in contrasting Google's "Don't Be Evil" schtick to its behavior on this topic is not unnoticed.

Basically, this is just more evidence that when the storm of anger and negativity that will roll over the West like a tidal wave when this Bear Trap rally is over, we will see all kinds of information clampdowns, controls and barriers put in place. Might be interesting to track the number of references to "bankers bonuses," "Goldman Sachs," etc. for the coming months.

The more this kind of crap goes on, the more it sure looks like the human-caused climate thesis is nothing but smoke, mirrors and a petty hot-air version Lysenkoism.

We'll see how long it takes them to "tweak" their search algorithms once this comes to light.

UPDATE: Following some of the comments, this may be a case of the Goog "optimizing" the search results for this topic and not actually dropping sites. No confirmation yet. Interesting that other search terms seem to have a much longer half-life than "climategate" though.

The above concerns still stand, though. The Goog works with the Peoples' Republic of China to filter and censor searches, so the capability is there - and the willingness to use it...

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