Monday, December 28, 2009


This may be a bunch of nothing, but do please keep an eye on Israel in the coming weeks. A string of news items has me concerned that Israel thinks a ramp-up in tensions with Iran is coming, and that they are back to seriously considering an attack on Iran in the near future.

Maybe I am just being a bit paranoid, but here are a few news items that piqued my interest:

Hopefully nothing, but I don't think Big Shot Israelis like Ehud Barak make a peep in public without it being carefully planned. The specific phrase "conventional strike" got my attention. If Israel drops atomic bombs on Iran as part of a pre-emptive war, well, all bets are off in the region.

And calling home all ambassadors? Maybe it was just for some conference - but you couldn't have done it via video feed? Really makes me wonder what sorts of sealed orders are being sent home with all of them. An Israeli attack on Iran would cause an international sh*tstorm, especially if we see lots of casualties. Having the diplomatic corps ready to face that storm would be a good idea.

The gas mask thing is also interesting. Last time it happened was in the run-up to the war on Hizbullah a few years back.

No real action items fall out of this. If you are prepared for possible financial and logistics chaos then a war in the Middle East shouldn't catch you totally offguard. If nukes do fly over there, I'll try and have a lot of write-ups on the effects of fallout, medical vs. regulatory safety levels for radioactive contamination, etc.

Maybe this is just part of an ongoing need by both the Iranian powers and the West to keep fear and tensions high and those defense budgets up. Who knows. Keep an eye out but don't let it get you down (well, except for those of you living in the region) - if it happens, it happens and we'll deal with it then.

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