Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More for Would-Be Reformers

The Daily Reckoning ran a series of three articles by Sioan Bethel this week that caught my attention. At some point, after we cliff dive down Primary Wave Three, the financial and political elites of the United States - or the international committee set up to oversee the interests of foreign investors who hold our soon to be questioned debt - are going to have to make hard choices on how to restructure spending and deal with the huge overhang of debt.

The Obama Memos are an intriguiging path we might follow or be forced down. For you would-be activists and reformers who hope to jump in and reform the political system, be looking for useful policy tidbits like this. When the volcano that will pull down the current system of bloated government excess erupts, the lava will be malleable for a time and you might just be able to help channel enormous changes down some constructive paths in a relatively short span of time.