Monday, December 21, 2009

MEND 1, Royal Dutch Shell 0

Well, a spreadsheet finally kicked out the magic number at Shell:

Shell Eyes Asset Sales in Nigeria
LONDON—Royal Dutch Shell PLC is seeking buyers for 10 of its Nigerian onshore oil-production assets following years of militant attacks on its facilities that have squeezed the company's profit, people familiar with the matter said Sunday.

The oil fields have a market value of $4 billion to $5 billion and represent proven oil reserves of about 100 million barrels, one of the people said. The Anglo-Dutch company, for decades Nigeria's biggest foreign oil operator by production, is looking to dispose of the blocks in the first and second quarters...

Unlike the last significant collapse in mass mood (which I'm calling the 1930's), which gave us the horrors of the Great Centralized State, technology has progressed to a point where small groups and individuals will be able to leverage their anger, negativity, xenophobia and resistance into significant opposition to the established order.

Big Government is going to be eaten from below by debt and the logic of the microchip. MEND, Hizbullah and the Russian Mafiyas may well embody the Brave New World we are all stumbling towards much better than 1984.

h/t John Robb

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