Friday, November 6, 2009

Must Reads

John Robb has a new set of links that are all must-reads, in my opinion. Take a few minutes and check them out.

For those of you keeping tabs on the building anger and making notes for the future show trials, pay special attention to the story about how Goldman Sachs got more H1N1 vaccine doses than Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

How can these bankster playerz be so blind? This is pouring gasoline on dry tinder and dancing on the woodpile, lit matches in hand kind of stupid.


David said...

Reading John Robb's bio explains well his state-centric views and the glaring blind spot that accompanies them. He seems unable to grasp that order is the mother, not the daughter, of liberty.

Lind's recognition that the nation-state has lost it's raison d'etre is much closer to the real situation. I was especially offended by Robb's link to a discussion of "unlicensed" gunsmiths (oh, the horror) making small arms. He seems to agree that the only thing the sheeple need is to have the wolves guarding them better enforce their monopoly on the use of violence. This is the exact royal elitist attitude found at Goldman, Robb just doesn't seem to realize his incestuous relationship with that crowd.

David said...

Sorry...I got the quote exactly backwards.

"Liberty is the mother, not the daughter, of order."

Robb's conception of state-enforced order being a precondition for liberty (I'm making a supposition here, but one that seems well-justified) is part of the current disease afflicting Western Civilization. Adherents of such tripe believe perfection is right around the corner if only we further empower the cops and the grunts with ever better ways to enforce compliance. Butler Shaffer's "Wizards of Ozymandias" e-book offers considerable insight into this issue.

Flagg707 said...

Hmmm, I can't claim to speak for John, so I won't.

You might occasionally check out his personal blog if you are interested in more of his thinking:

My personal opinion is that he is more interested in the mechanics of this ongoing breakdown in order around the world and not in the philosophical underpinnings.