Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mass Mood and Climate "Science"

The breakdown of social mood into negativity, anger and polarization helps breed an attitude of resistance to authority and a questioning of old beliefs.

The mandarins who have been at the forefront, pushing "solutions" to "Anthropogenic Global Warming" have long blasted critics as "global warming deniers" and as foolish individuals who don't understand that the "science is settled."

Well, the rhetoric has esacalated to an insurgency with the hacking and release of a batch of increasingly embarrassing information on just how climate "science" was performed by the "top" minds in the field. The following links are just a few of the places to watch this massive unraveling of an Establishment consensus:

Watts Up With That?

Climate Audit

The Air Vent

Note how the tactics of the anti-AGW proponents the match up well with John Robb's thesis of Open Source Insurgency Through Software Tools. Within days of the hack, the data were released, a searchable database of the massive numbers of emails and documents had been established and opened to all with an internet connection and the crowd-sourcing began in earnest.

Worse for the Al Goristas - the anti-AGW camp has a catchy slogan to hang their hat on: "Hide the Decline" - bad news for them as the marketing of that slogan will take on a life of its own.

From a socionomics point of view, this is not at all surprising that it occurred as this bear market rally begins to run on fumes. From a straight-up science point of view, transparency of the source codes and data sets are long, long overdue. From a legal point of view, some of the "scientists" appear to be pushing the limits and might even be obstructing justice when it comes to fighting FoI requests in the U.K.

The pro-AGW and anti-AGW camps of climate science have long been at war. Looks like the anti-AGW just dropped a multi-megaton thermonuclear warhead directly in the heart of the pro-AGW camp. We'll see how the pro-AGW camp responds. I expect they will only succeed in embarassing themselves.

By the way, this is a minor prelude to what I expect to happen with finance companies and wealthy families when this bear market rally dissolves into the next leg down of the Great Collapse.

Take notes folks, this is like the Spanish Civil War for the coming huge war on the elites that is brewing in the socionomic stew of anger, high unemployment, xenophobia and recrimination.

UPDATE: OMFG, I'm still laughing at this one. Hide the decline, folks...

h/t Watts Up With That

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