Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trust Continues to Disintegrate

Imagine what it will be like six months from now...

Belligerent Bosses: National Study finds Employee Trust Sacrificed in the Financial Crisis
from Resumark Blog
A national study finds bosses use threats and intimidation during the financial crisis. Employees complain of a “culture of fear” and eroding trust.

...Increased belligerent behavior and eroding employee trust are disturbing leadership trends in the financial crisis, according to the study’s researchers, Dr. Ruby Rouse and Dr. Richard Schuttler. Employees repeatedly described threatening communication: “Be thankful you have a job,” “You can be replaced,” “There are lots of qualified people on the street who would love your job.” Such statements remind workers their jobs are on the “chopping block.” According to Rouse, some supervisors seem to purposefully foster a “culture of fear” to maintain control during the financial crisis. “Several people believe employers are using the crisis as an excuse to ‘throw people under the bus,’” she said...

Not to get all "workplace consultant" on you, but once eroded, trust is very hard to recapture in an organization.

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David said...

For the past 9 years I saw the quality of management plunge in one workplace after another. Everyone to whom I've spoken has placed the trend change at right around the year 2000 (how's that for socionomics, huh?).

The people moving into management positions appear to be less skilled at the enterprise and looked maladroit in people skills as well. Due to this, decisions about business appeared to go from bad to worse to abysmal. Policies took on a surreal appearance, so out of touch with reality that the recipients of such directives were all but disoriented by their folly.

I guess this is what we should expect at this stage of Grand Supercycle IV.