Monday, October 12, 2009

Quote of the Day for Monday 12 October

Good advice from SurvivalBlog:

"The coming years will be difficult ones, globally. If you are at risk of a layoff, then hedge your bets by developing a second stream of income, now. And if you are laid off, do not hesitate. Do whatever it takes to find steady work, even if means moving, or taking a lower-paying job. Don't just wallow in self-pity and draw unemployment insurance. Be proactive and do something!"


David said...

Unless, of course, you've anticipated being laid off for years, eliminated all debt and have built a war chest of savings to carry you for years, and there are no jobs to be had.

What the original author of that tripe failed to grasp it that if you're past 40 no one will hire you for physical labor, if you have one or more college degrees no one will hire you for a job requiring no higher ed., and if you are the least bit honest about your previous income, no one will hire you at all.

People who speak so blithely about getting another job are unlikely to have first-hand experience looking for one in this environment.

Flagg707 said...

@David: "People who speak so blithely about getting another job are unlikely to have first-hand experience looking for one in this environment"

Amen to that. I posted the quote for those of us who are (hopefully) in reasonably good shape for the coming Collapse.

There will be a lot of "re-educating" going on in the coming year or so amongst the white collar crowd, methinks.

David said...

Michael, you nailed it.

As I wrote in an article on, the people apt to be hardest hit in this are those with college degrees, office jobs, big salaries, 401(k)'s, big houses, etc. They're going to discover that 1) freeware computer programs will do most of their jobs and 2) in the grand scheme of things, they have no useful skills that differentiate them from millions of others, including those who didn't drop $100k on a diploma.

An entire career paradigm is going the way of the dodo bird. The Good Money of that paradigm will *never* come back; imagine how long it will take for those laid flat by this to recover...if they ever do.

Greg B said...

I wonder if the old habit of "padding" the resume will drastically reverse and become of a tactic of NO resume - just filling out an application and leaving out all the higher education and rewording the managerial positions to only show working in their industry?

David said...

Greg, it already has. A current resume leaves out dates of employment (they reveal age), dates of degrees earned (they too reveal age), and makes no mention whatsoever about salaries earned (a recruiter told me point-blank that a firm will not interview candidates whose previous salary was >10-15K above the open position, assuming that the new hire would just leave as soon as something better opened). Anyone >45 who loses a 100K/yr job is virtually unemployable now if he/she is unprepared to lie about his/her past in an interview.