Monday, October 19, 2009

Dancing on the Precipice

"[Primary] Wave 2's peak will be the last time that society feels this optimistic for years to come." - R. Prechter, Elliott Wave Theorist, October 18, 2009

Know that we are social creatures, swimming in a sea of mass mood and complex social interactions. The plunge is there, just beyond our fingertips. Soon it will embrace us with the wrenching grasp of a Grizzly.

Remain aware that you do have the free will to act independently of the herd - though you can still be trampled through bad luck or poor planning. Hold this thought fast in your mind in the coming years - as ugly and angry as the times will become - you can act, you can create, you can make things happen, for good or for ill. These will years for serious actions and serious behavior. Glitz, glam, shallow foolishness - they will be present in abundance, but the easy way will not be the path for you.

Times of crisis allow for new directions in society. Be one of the independent actors pushing for a better world. And if you must move with the mob, well, move fast and make sure that if you are among those who would rise up against the king, make sure you strike him down...

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