Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Suicide Continues its March Among the Wealthy

Two more very wealthy individuals taken out, both Harvard men, apparently by their own hands. The pattern continues...

Rockefeller Chief McDonald Dies in Apparent Suicide
by Charles Stein, Bloomberg
Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) --James McDonald, chief executive officer of New York investment firm Rockefeller & Co., died Sunday from a single gunshot wound that was probably self- inflicted, officials in Massachusetts said.

His body was found in a car behind an auto dealership in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, said Gregg Miliote, a spokesman for the Bristol County district attorney’s office in New Bedford. While police didn’t find a note, McDonald had called his wife earlier in the day, Miliote said...

Suicide Victim May Have Hidden Millions Abroad
by Lynnley Browning
He seemed, in many ways, like a man from another time, a Gatsbyesque figure who glided through a world of old money, private clubs and pedigree horses, his family name emblazoned on Ivy League halls.

Then, in an instant, he was gone — his privileged life ended, by his own hand, with a single gunshot to the head...

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