Monday, August 10, 2009

It Is Hard to Change Your Mental Software

I'm sure most FutureJacked readers have already caught this juicy nugget, more evidence of the rich weaving their own ropes for use by the bubbling masses of wannabe-brownshirts out there (hat tip reader WL - thanks as usual):

Real Housewives of Goldman Sachs
from The Deal
If producers at Bravo are looking for a new cast to add to its "Housewives" franchise reality show, someone should pitch them on "The Real Housewives of Goldman Sachs."

Laura Blankfein, wife of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE:GS) CEO Lloyd Blankfein, and Susan Friedman, wife of Goldman executive Richard Friedman, reportedly caused a brouhaha at a Hampton's social event last weekend at Super Saturday, a charitable designer clothing sale, cutting in front of ticket holders.

Blankfein reportedly said she wouldn't wait with "people who spend less money than me." If that comment holds true, perhaps Lloyd should have a sit-down with his wife and have the same speech he gave his employees about keeping a low profile...

These "ladies" just don't get it - yet. Another example of just how hard it is to change how you operate out in the world when your mental software is built to thrive in an age that is now past us.

Speaking of the shock troops that are being prepped by the Powers That Be to channel the tsunami of rage and anger, that silly bit about Steny Hoyer being hazed at a talk was nothing compared to the roughhousing that occurred over across the state in St. Louis, when six people wound up being arrested after a fight broke out at a town hall meeting.

The anger is real. The majority of folks out there protesting are good men and women who are angered and saddened by what is happening to their country. It is the "astroturf" part of this grass-roots rising that worries me. How it all ends up is anybody's guess. I'd love to know who is funding all the various sides.

If Prechter is correct (from the August Theorist) in stating that the odds are in favor of a resumption of the stock market decline soon (as a marker for mass mood), then in addition to reading up on the French Revolution, as we've advised many times here, it might behoove you to go out and do a brief study of Weimar Germany and how the running street battles helped define the era. This is especially true if economic circumstances force the federales to repatriate large numbers of soldiers with urban combat experience, right into the teeth of a raging Depression.

Happy Monday.

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